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From the latin “spiritus”, is defined as the total set of intellectual faculties. It is often regarded as a principle or incorporeal essence of life […], but can also conceived as a material principle, the breath, the life […]. In antiquity, the breath and what it represents (the sound, the voice, the word, the name) contained the life, either in prototype, in essence or power (mythical). In the trunk of the Judeo-Christian religions it is said that God breathed into the clay to generate (create) the (be in) man. The spirit also allows the being to perceive the link between body and soul. Sometimes the spirit is identified with the soul and vice-versa, being equivalent used to express the same thing. However, according to the dualistic theory of Descartes, body and spirit are two immiscible substances, each with a different nature: the spirit belongs to the world of rationality (res cogitans), while the body of worldly things with extension (res extensa), is the world of measurable things. In psychology, spirit designates the dominant mental attitude of a person or group that motivates you to do or say things in a certain way.


Spiritus Digital Work is an atelier, for production, processing, composition, retouching and printing of images. Using the latest technology based on the Apple platform, works with both the advertising market and the work of authors, photographers and artists, which implies a personalized service and a real understanding of the needs of each client. Combining the vision of its clients with the most modern resources and knowledge of the digital area, seeking the best result in the accomplishment of each work. Not everything that can be imagined can be photographed, but that does not mean you can not create it, so with the right tools you can break the limits of reality. A meticulous work of interpretation, is the basis of everything we do and can be partially appreciated on this site. Our services include digital post-production, photo manipulation, editorial projects, advertising, catalogues, fashion, design, corporate image design, graphic arts, printing, digital printing and large format printing.